Mechanical Engineering

Quality control with visualized production processes is as important as staying with TPM-Processes and health and safety regulations. A comprehensive and exclusive overall design of a production line is a major point of sale. Our machine covers and facings provide an ideal combination of function and a quality design. Exclusive shapes and colors with a Schäfer product make your machine look the best they can!

Our competence is your advantage:

  • we use brilliant plastic materials, i.e. Polycarbonate (PC) or Acrylic Glass (PMMA) for bespoke solutions
  • high quality designs with many color combinations
  • high precision fittings
  • perfectly looking bondings / weldings
  • high durability due to low material strains
  • low weight and high usability comfort with moving parts
  • our class leading laser technology creates special engravings for that perfect appearance in combination with lighting effects
  • optional with screen or digital prints, special surface coatings or paintings
  • optional metal frames for strengthening and support

In mechanical engineering and plant engineering the requirements to plastic components are manifold. For example in laboratory medicine. Depending on where these components are used the requirements to temperature stability with extreme high and low temperatures are quite tough. Milled parts like screws and flanges need to withstand extreme mechanical strains and need to be produced to very high prescision.

Schäfer is also your partner with development and construction of these components. We have the knowledge and experience to show you for example where you can save weight with new materials and processes.

Our competence is your advantage:

  • usage of different technical plastics, i.e. PA, PE, PEEK, PETG, POM, PP, PTFE, PS or PVDF depending on your requirements
  • specific development for your requirements
  • precision bondings
  • latest CNC-Technology for highest possible precision
  • complex tempering processes for lowest possible material strains

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